How the Pros Shop Tree Nurseries for Indiana Summers

How the Pros Shop Tree Nurseries for Indiana Summers


Did you just buy a house with all the acreage you wanted but the landscape is looking a bit bare? Or maybe it’s time to replace those dead or diseased trees on the family homestead.

That means you’re probably shopping tree nurseries. But do you know what you’re looking for? When tree shopping, do what the pros do. Choose wisely. Look at toughness, growth rate, beauty and shade.


You want your trees to last from summer to summer.

Crab apple trees are every bit as tough as they sound. Many varieties are disease-resistant, and they do well in central Indiana’s zone.

Another good pick is the Korean fir. It’s not only hardy, it’s also an evergreen that will provide a sturdy and attractive presence year-round.


You may not want to die before your tree reaches maturity.

The northern red oak is an awesome sight once it grows to maturity. If you plant it when your kid is born, by the time they head to college it could be as high as 25 feet (and will keep going to 50+).

The “Green Giant” arborvitae can grow even faster, as much as 3 feet per year. This evergreen is great for getting a thick hedge in just a few years’ time so you can have some privacy in the summer.


Nobody wants ugly trees.

The weeping cherry tree has gorgeous pink blooms in the spring, fruit in the summer with proper care, and its leaves will turn a delightful yellow in the fall.

Tulip trees are at the height of their beauty in May and June, when they produce yellowish-green blooms. They grow tall and look lovely in the full green of summer as well.


Because it’s hot outside!

Maple treestake your pick – with their wide leaves will provide much needed shade for your family on hot Indiana afternoons. The sugar maple is among the tallest and densest sun blockers.

Weeping willows are another terrific pick for shade. They grow tall and wide, perfect for napping underneath.


You may notice that some hardy trees, like crab apple trees, are both hardy and beautiful. Or that fast-growing trees like the northern red oak is also great for shade.

The best trees are the ones that win on both measures of practicality and aesthetics. You have a lot to think about at tree nurseries when you’re looking to make this kind of investment.

Need help? We’d be glad to tackle your tree questions. Heck, we’re even happy to shop trusted tree nurseries for you as part of a comprehensive landscaping plan.

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