10 Pro Tips on How to Take Care of Indoor Plants this Winter

Many Hoosiers are used to the passing of the seasons. Others really suffer in the winter. Between the cold and the gloom, learning how to take care of indoor plants is almost essential to quality of life.

We’ve put together 10 tips that will just about guarantee indoor planting success … if you do them all. Don’t worry, they’re not too hard. You can do this!

TIP #1: Get good pots with drain holes.

Don’t count on evaporation to keep your plants from drowning. Remember that pots are not a natural habitat for plants. You need pots that have good drainage, and get them in several different sizes so you’re prepared for growth and repotting.

TIP #2: Consider sun exposure.

Whether you are starting from seeds or sprouts, baby plants come with instructions. Read them! They will tell you how much sun your plant needs: full sun, partial sun, or shade. Think about how much sun different parts of your home get during the winter months as you plan out where your plants will go.

TIP #3: Get some good “soil” (not actual soil).

An ideal potting mix is technically not soil. It’s growing media, made from compost, peat moss and other highly nutritious stuff that will give your plants a boost as they might otherwise struggle to grow in the unnatural environment of your little pot.

TIP #4: Water once a week.

Most plants don’t need any more water than that. There are two ways to tell when they need more. You can stick your finger just under the surface up to your knuckle, and add water if it feels dry. Or, you can learn to tell by weight. If the pot feels light to you when you pick it up, your plant needs a drink.

TIP #5: Mist twice a day.

Your goal is to mimic ideal outdoor conditions as best you can. It helps to fill a spray bottle with water and give your plants a light misting a couple times a day.

TIP #6: Keep the air humid.

Our lips and knuckles here in Indiana are a constant reminder of how dry it gets inside as we run the furnace all winter. One option is to run humidifiers near your plants. Another is to fill a tray with pebbles, and pour water over them daily; the evaporation will do the trick.

TIP #7: Keep the air moving.

Too much moisture in the air is also a problem. Consider placing fans in the room on a low setting to keep the air circulating. Don’t point them directly at your plants, because that could dry them out.

TIP #8: Keep the thermostat above 55 degrees.

Most plants like the air to be just as warm as you do, if not warmer. That means making sure not to turn the thermostat down too much when you’ll be away for a while. (And getting someone to come check on your plants.)

TIP #9: Clean and prune.

Dust can be harmful to your plants. Just wipe the leaves down any now and then. Also, prune occasionally. Cut away dead or yellow leaves and stems for your plant’s overall health.

TIP #10: Repot when needed.

Healthy plants grow. You’ll be able to tell when it’s time to transplant them into a larger pot when they start to dry out faster, and definitely when the roots start to poke out of the drain holes. Always keep slightly larger pots around for the next repotting.

That’s not so hard, is it? Your key to keeping your winters delightfully green is basically good pots, good placement and simple maintenance. That’s how to take care of your indoor plants.

While you’re tending to your plant kids, let us take care of the gloomy elements outdoors. Contact us today to inquire about snow removal, and to get a jump on scheduling maintenance for your outdoor plants this spring.

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