Clean Cut Lawn & Landscape has literally hundreds of satisfied customers in east central Indiana. Here, a few of them explain why you should consider joining their ranks.

“They took a plain, old cracked concrete driveway and entrance way and transformed it into a beautiful paver stone driveway with a paver stone entrance, and they got us where we wanted to be with a minimum amount of expenditures. We were in daily contact with the project foreman, who had a great understanding of the mechanics of laying paver stones, and was very meticulous about doing the job right. My neighbors like the way it looks, and several have had work done by Clean Cut Lawn & Landscape because of it. And I’m sure the value of my property has increased because of the increase in curb appeal this project has brought with it.”

Larry Simmons, Muncie, Indiana

“Six years ago, I was working in my yard and realized I wasn’t keeping up. I was literally cutting the grass ten o’clock at night. I called Clean Cut Lawn & Landscape, and I’ve never cut it again. Now they handle my mulching, snow removal, spring cleanup, – and I don’t even have to call, that’s the good thing about it. I’m a big supporter of the job they do.”

Bob Ganter, Muncie, Indiana

“We’ve lived here about 20 years, and our driveway was in bad shape. It had pock marks and just looked worn-out. So I talked to Clean Cut Lawn & Landscape, and they just walked us through the process so easily, and actually listened to me. They did exactly what I said, and it turned out to be everything we hoped for it to be and then some. I was amazed at the amount of work done in a short period of time. I can’t believe how fast it was.”

Lana Merritt, Muncie, Indiana

Clean Cut Lawn & Landscape have a wonderful landscape architect, and we worked on our landscape solution together. They started from ground zero, making up drawings, suggesting different plans, and I approved one, and they followed it, and I was very happy with the outcome. They have a great crew, and they work very fast and efficiently, and are always prompt, respectful and reliable.

Lani Wilson, Muncie, Indiana

We use 2 services of Clean Cut – mulch (including delivery) and lawn treatment. It is cheaper for us to have Clean Cut do the “weed and feed” than to buy it ourselves and spread it. My yard looks great and I was surprised how inexpensive it was. We also have mulch delivered, and we’ve been happy with that as well. High quality and delivery was easy.

Jordan Rhodes, Muncie, Indiana

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