9 Fun Things Your Kids Can Do After the Snow Plow Leaves

After living in central Indiana for a while, you may have developed a negative impression of snow. Snow removal business is good because everybody just wants someone to come take it away.

You may have noticed your kids have a completely different view of the cold, white fluffy stuff. They’re snow kids. To them, it’s magical. They want to go out and play – and they want you to come along.

As long as you’re going out there, you might as well make it interesting. Sure, you can do all the usual stuff. Sledding, making snow angels and building snow men is fine.

But you’re gonna want to try at least one of these not-so-usual activities:

#1 – Snowball Fights … with Colored Snowballs

How much more fun is a snowball fight when Team Green is throwing green balls and Team Red is throwing Red ones? Lots more fun.

All it takes is a couple spray bottles, some tap water and food coloring. Each team – crouching behind the snow banks the plow left behind – just sprays the snow down before packing. Let the battle begin!

#2 – Snow Painting

As long as you’ve gotten out the food coloring …

Choose your implements. Spray bottles, squirt guns big and small, maybe an old length of gutter – anything you can direct water with – and the yard becomes your canvas.

#3 – Make Snow Animals

Quick, name all the critters you can that have a round or cylindrical body or round sections. Here’s a start: worms, snakes, centipedes, armadillos, owls, bears … you get the idea.

Basically everything has a roundish head at least. What’s your kid’s favorite animal? See what you can create together.

#4 – Snow Ice Cream with Maple Syrup Candy

All you need are four ingredients: fresh snow, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and pure maple syrup. Here’s the recipe for the ice cream part.

The maple syrup candy part is super easy. Boil the syrup, pour a little of it onto a fresh bed of snow, and as it’s cooling put a popsicle stick into it. Roll it up into candy bits. It’s seriously that easy.

#5 – Snow Cones (with Real Snow)

Want a snow treat that’s even easier? Put snow in a cup. Mix up some lemon juice with sugar, or get some frozen juice concentrate, and pour it over the top.

The kids are eating snow anyway. Why not dress it up a little?

#6 – Snow Bowling

Get 10 of something resembling small bowling pins – like the cardboard cylinder inside toilet paper rolls – and cover them tightly with something that will hold water, like plastic wrap secured with tape.

Fill them up and let them sit overnight. The next day, peel the covering away to have pure ice pins. Pack some snow into a big ball, stick three holes in it (or not – will they help?) and you’re ready to bowl!

#7 – Tic-Tac-Snow

Draw a giant board in the snow with a stick. One player is twigs, the other one is pinecones.


#8 – Putt-Putt-Snow Golf

If you can play on turf, why not snow? This one assumes you have putters and golf balls. If not, how about some old wood trim to putt with and basically any small ball you want to use?

All you need for the course is to pack some snow down with your boots, some sticks for the boundaries, and tin cans for the holes. Bury them right-side up. Stick a flag in if you’ve got ‘em for a nice touch.

#9 – Mr. & Mrs. Snow-Potato Head

Do you have old Mr. or Mrs. Potato Heads that your kids have lost interest in? Try leaving the body inside and taking only the accessories out into the yard.

Pack some snow tightly into a big snowy potato head. Now you can stick in your eyes, ears, lips, funny hats and whatever else you’ve got to make your Mr. or Mrs. Snow-Potato Head.

See? Snow isn’t so bad, and snow removal doesn’t have to be just a boring grown-up service. Your kids can have so much fun with the snow we don’t take away!

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