When Grubs Attack

Bugs that kill lawns like to make their appearance in mid-summer. The number one offender is white grubs. These bugs are the larvae of a variety of beetles like Japanese beetles and they love to feed on the roots of grass. When these grubs attack, your lawn could be in serious trouble.

What to Look For

White grubs curl up into a C when you find them, but they are basically tiny land-shrimp. They have a milky white body about a ½ inch long with a brown head and two little arms. You wouldn’t exactly describe these babies at cute or want to hold them. You’ll be hoping they die.

What to Do

Only use a pesticide if you have serious lawn damage, but please do so sparingly. There are other alternatives to getting rid of the white grubs than using harsh pesticides. One example is applying milk spore disease, or Bacillus Popilliae in Latin, which is bacteria that can kill white grubs without hurting the environment around it.

How to Keep Them Away

Your best defense to factors that threaten your lawn, like weeds, disease and bugs, is keeping your lawn healthy. We always suggest watering your grass infrequently, but deeply and don’t cut your grass too much. Forget what your neighbors think! If the person next door is cutting their grass 2”, while you cut yours at 4”, their grass won’t have deep roots and are far more susceptible to the appetites of unwelcomed guests.

The bread and butter is the hardest part: maintaining a regular mowing and watering schedule.

If you need help once in awhile or don’t want to stress about time and dedication you need to give your lawn, give us a call. We always look forward to showing our commitment to excellence as a maintenance provider you can trust.

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