What your Lawn is Thankful for

This holiday season is a time to reminisce on the past year, and all you have to be thankful for. As your family sits down for the holiday meals, you might honor the time old tradition of asking one another to share what they’re thankful for. Some are grateful for their friends and family, good health, love and of course delicious food to share.

There’s one important member of your family who can’t share what they are thankful for: your lawn. Here are a few things your lawn is thankful for this Holiday season:

  1. Music for your lawn is the gentle hum of a mower, the gentle murmur of a sprinkler or the rhythmic pulse of a trimmer. The music you make all Spring and Summer long sooths your lawn’s soul.
  2. Your lawn wants to be shown off! It knows how good it looks in natural light as it soaks up the warm sunshine. At night, your lawn doesn’t go to sleep though. It’s thankful for your landscape lighting to show it off 24/7 so it’s always camera ready!
  3. When you think of normal sounds in November, you may hear children giggling and leaf blowers running, but if you listen really close… with your ear on the ground… you can hear the rustle of deep green grass blades growing out of the soil you aerated this year. That’s the sound of your lawn saying, “Thanks for fertilizing me. You’re the best!”
  4. Just because your lawn may be beautiful, doesn’t mean it wants to be alone. Your lawn can’t show its gratitude, but it’s very thankful for the hours you put into it when you planed flowers, or played with your kids or grandkids and even if you just lounged around reading a book or drinking a beer.

If your lawn isn’t think green with gratitude, it may be feeling a bit neglected. If you’re planning on having Clean Cut Lawn & Landscaping come out for a fall cleanup, don’t worry. We won’t tell your lawn it’s not you, and it won’t be able to tell the difference!


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