What to Tell Millennials After They Say “I Want a Job”

Chances are, you’re either an employer or an employee, right? That means, at some point you have either said or heard …

“I want a job.”

As an applicant, there are things you want to hear in response. As an employer looking to hire young workers in an era where the challenge is well-documented, you want to say the right things. While our track record for recruiting young talent to Clean Cut isn’t perfect (no-shows on the first day do happen from time to time, just like anywhere else), we have learned a few things about what Millennials need from us.

WE TELL THEM: “We want to help you along your career journey.”
As much as we might hope a talented landscaper would want to stick with us for several years, the time to talk about that is not at the job fair recruiting table, or even in the interview.

While previous generations sought long-term job security, Millennials want the freedom to choose their path. We are here to teach and help them grow. If they need to move on in a few years, we can be okay with that.

WE TELL THEM: “You’ll work with an experienced landscaper who will let you know how you’re doing every step of the way.”

Feedback is key for young people, especially Millennials. These folks were born after 1980. Instant communication is the norm. When you post something to Facebook, you expect feedback. The number of “likes” indicates the quality of what you just shared, often instantly.
Young recruits need to know their work is going to be guided, judged, corrected and most importantly applauded when they do well. After all, that’s where the fun comes in – when we encourage them to feel a sense of pride in their work.

WE TELL THEM: “As you advance, we will train you to utilize more complex machinery and technology.”

This actually hits on two values for young recruits: the potential for self-improvement through advancement and through mastery of technology. We want them to know right off the bat that every new landscaper is a crew leader in training. We also want them to know that they are going to learn how to use new tools from mowers to aerators to GPS.

WE TELL THEM: “Our mission statement is ‘a better lawn, a better life.’ To work here, you have to understand that.”

While previous generations may have been more comfortable taking a job just for a paycheck,
Millennials care about making some kind of difference in the world. We try to show them that, to our customers, the difference they make is huge.

We explain that “a better lawn, a better life” means our purpose is to free up time and energy people have to put into maintaining a beautiful property so they can enjoy that property, enjoy life, with their friends and families instead.

As our own Mark Burchett has told us about job satisfaction in lawn care, “It’s all about taking pride in your work.”

Are you an employer struggling to attract and retain young talent? Let’s compare notes. Maybe you’re communicating in a way we haven’t thought of, or vice-versa.

Are you the one saying “I want a job?” or do you know someone who is? Come talk to us.

We’d love to help you on your career journey.

We’ll give you plenty of feedback.

We’ll give you opportunities to advance, learn and use technology.

Because we’re not just cutting grass. We’re improving lives.

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