Top 10 Places to See Fall Colors Less than 2 Hours Away (from Clean Cut HQ)

There are two kinds of people: summer people and winter people. Fall means something different to each. It either signals the coming winter wonderland … or it’s the last precious moment before you have to start wearing a coat again.

Either way, we suggest you enjoy it while it lasts! Here in Muncie, Indiana we have lots of great options for seeing the fall foliage without having to drive too far. (It’s a countdown … no peeking at #1!)

#10. Brown County State Park – 1 hour, 59 minutes

Brown County just barely makes the cut for distance, but it is extremely popular this time of year as its forests really shine in the fall. If you haven’t planned ahead, don’t worry. You can probably still make camping reservations … for NEXT year! It’ll probably have to be a day trip this weekend.

#9. John Bryan State Park, Ohio – 1 hour, 54 minutes

Head east over the state line to check out this 752-acre park that “contains a remarkable limestone gorge cut by the Little Miami River which is designated as a state and national scenic river.” Sounds worth the drive!

#8. Chain O’Lakes State Park – 1 hour, 46 minutes

Want to go bigger? Try this 2,718-acre park up in Noble County, about 20 miles northwest of Fort Wayne. Great place to check out the fall colors on slopes rising 200 feet above the water in some places. Gorgeous camping spot with lots of water to canoe down.

#7. McCloud Nature Park – 1 hour, 39 minutes

Just past Indianapolis heading west you’ll find this gorgeous nature center featuring a restored iron truss bridge that’s over 100 years old. Get your camera ready when you see the bridge. Awesome spot to showcase the beauty of fall in Indiana.

#6. Clermont, Indiana – 1 hour, 17 minutes

If you take US 136 (Crawfordsville Road) back east instead of US 74 you’ll pass through the Indy suburb of Clermont, where local photographer Kevin Pennington has captured the beauty of his hometown in autumn. Just follow the railroad tracks to uncover this hidden Indiana gem.

#5. Garfield Park Conservatory – 1 hour, 8 minutes

The main attraction may be the collection of tropical plants from palms to orchids and banana trees inside the conservatory, but outside on its beautiful grounds fall is on display in all its glory. It’s good to know that if it happens to be a cold day, you can duck back inside any time.

#4. Butler University – 1 hour, 6 minutes

The grounds at Butler are always gorgeous, but the canal, public art and Holcomb Gardens are all enhanced by the bright reds, oranges and yellows of the season. Just over an hour away from Clean Cut HQ … We will resist the temptation to knock of work early. Probably.

#3. Mounds State Park – 26 minutes

It may not be the largest park in the state, but the 10 prehistoric ceremonial mounds and abundance of foliage make this area something Madison County can be proud of. With less than a half hour’s drive and just a $7 admission for the whole carload, why not head to Anderson for a picnic?

#2. Ball State University – 6 minutes

Some of the best fall foliage Delaware County has to offer is right here in Muncie. Take a stroll through the northwest quad at Ball State and you’ll get your autumn color fix for the day. Those of us who live here should never forget how lucky we are to have this beautiful university right in our backyard.

#1. Your Own Property – 0 minutes

Why shouldn’t your own property be #1 on the list? If you don’t have many deciduous (color-changing) trees on the property now, fall is the best time to plant them. Water them well before they go dormant for the winter, and from spring on they will thrive and further beautify your property for years to come.

Clean Cut will plant the trees, clean up the leaves, and keep your trees pruned and healthy, autumn after autumn. So drive all over creation if you want to. Just remember, if you call Clean Cut we will bring the beauty of nature to you!

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