The Cure for Garden Frustration: Reduce Weeds with 3 Types of Mulch

Is your back sore? Are your clothes drenched with sweat? Are you sneezing into blistered hands?

Ah, the joys of weeding! If you’re sick and tired of these botanical pests popping up among your flowers and edibles every time you turn around, we’d like to suggest our favorite cure: mulch.

Mulch makes it so tough for weeds to grow they may not even try. The ones that do make it through tend to be fast growers that are easier to pull because they don’t have strong root systems.

If you’re still not convinced you should be mulching, read this.

… Done? Great. Welcome back! Assuming we’re on the same page about the importance of mulch, now you’ve got to think about what kind. Below are three basic options.

GOOD: Inorganic

Rocks, gravel and rubber mulch are all good options for blotting out the sun where you don’t want weeds to thrive. The trouble with these options is that they’re so permanent.

If you change your mind down the road and decide to redesign your landscape, inorganic mulch options are the most difficult to remove. Time won’t help, because they won’t break down.

It may also be very difficult to grow anything there after you have removed inorganic much. The chemicals in some rubber mulches ruin the soil. And you will need to remove rocks or gravel thoroughly so it doesn’t interfere with future root systems.


A better option is to make your own mulch. Grass clippings, shredded leaves and newspaper can make good mulch if done properly. These natural options help hold in moisture for your plants’ root systems while discouraging weeds and even some pests of the insect variety.

You really have to be careful, though. If you use chemical products on your grass, your clippings may not have the right chemical make-up. They may actually discourage plant growth. That’s especially true if the mulch is touching the plant.

Grass clippings and shredded leaves or paper will need to be replenished often. They will blow away or degrade. You will need to stay on top of these mulch options and reapply every couple of weeks.

BEST: Professional Organic

The best option is, of course, a professionally-prepared mulch. You can buy bags of cocoa chips. This works well, but it’s a costly option. Composted animal manure is another that plants love … but your guests won’t.

We recommend wood chip mulch. You get the best of everything: removable, organic, safe and it sticks around all season. It’s also far more attractive than many of the other options, as freshly-watered brown or black wood chips mimic the color of rich, healthy soil.

Of course, the BETTER THAN BEST option is to have someone else lay the mulch for you. Right?

Look, we do wood chip mulch. Whether you buy it and lay it yourself or have us do it is up to you.

Mulch questions? You know who you call!

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