Sorry, You’re Out of Time

There are 112 hours in a week not counting 8 hours of sleep (or unproductive insomnia) each night, and out of those 112 you devote 50 to work, leaving 62 hours to get the yard work done. Right?

Yes, we hear you laughing.


Let’s go ahead and knock off 28 hours just for meals if you have a family. Yup. That’s four hours a day: an hour for breakfast, an hour to make dinner, an hour to eat it and an hour of cleanup time. Let’s just assume everyone’s at school or work for lunch, and they can fend for themselves on the weekends.

Where are we? 41 hours to get the yard work done. Plenty!


Well, we need a few hours to clean up inside the house, let’s say just half an hour a day. No prob. We still have 37.5 hours.


Oh, shoot! We completely forgot about your commute. It’s only half an hour to get straight to work (or is it more?), but the kids need to get to school and daycare and people talk to you when you go to those places and you have to pay and when it’s all said and done you’re spending an hour each way five days a week and we’ve just lost 10 more hours.

Whoa. But it’s okay, we have 27.5 hours left to do the yard work. Lots of wiggle –


Groceries! Right. And other household items. At least two hours, every week. If you hurry. If it’s not too busy … okay, better make it three.


Doctor and dentist appointments aren’t every week, but then there’s hair and clothes and glasses for the kids and, well, there does always seem to be some kid-related errand to run. And they are soooo slow getting in and out of the car. That’s a solid two hours, every week.


Sports. Drama. Music. Oh boy … and homework! How about three hours of extracurriculars per week plus a half hour each school night for homework, per kid. Got two kids? 11 hours.

Did you lose track? It’s all kind of a blur. It’s okay, you still have 11.5 hours to do the yard work. That’s like a whole day.


Hold on, though.

Are those hours consecutive? It’s not like you have from 9 am to 8:30 pm every Saturday to devote to your property. Some of those “open” hours pop up on Sunday, or mid-week. They’re pushed out of your Saturday by those extracurricular activities and errands.

How many of those 11.5 hours are one after another, a solid block of time to get the mowing, weeding, pruning and cleanup done? Maybe four. The other 7.5 hours might be broken up into one- or two-hour chunks, after the sun goes down or between errands.


So, if we’re down to four hours to devote to something, is yard work all that’s left? Well, that depends on you. If you like to spend time with family and friends, or golf, or read, or play softball, or run, or fish, or go to church, or take the occasional nap, or anything else that gives you joy, it will be hard for you to say yard work is all that’s left to make time for.

Our slogan is “A better lawn. A better life.” Often, the opposite is also true. When you have to rush through your yard work just to get it done you’re probably not living life to the fullest. A poorly-maintained lawn is sometimes a symptom of a life that’s too hard to maintain.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just true: modern life is difficult and we all need help getting through it. Call us today to ask about what options we have to help you live life the way you want to, the way you need to.

Because we’re sorry to say it: you’re out of time.

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