The Perfect Yard is Year-Round Work

Once Upon a Time…

It was a beautiful spring day and you looked out your window to gaze upon your yard. The snow is finally melting away! The sun shines down and you see… well, not too much right now, but we will get to that part of the story.


This is the season to clean up your yard. There will be debris like sticks and leaves that need to be properly disposed of, not to mention your flower beds will need some serious TLC! Grass and weeds will already be intruding in every nook and cranny you can think of and you need to pull all of that out before things get way out of hand. After that is taken care of you should reshape those hedges, then plant, mulch, and water the lot. The lawn needs to be mowed and edged in. By now your grass and plants are very hungry! Feed them their fertilizer they are craving. Now that the grass is really starting to grow, it’s time to mow. Then you’ll mow a lot.


This is the season that all of your grass, hedges, flowers and trees are basking in the sun and loving every minute of it, except they miss that spring rain. Make sure you give them regular drinks to quench their thirst. But those weeds are also loving this! You better pull them out too. Mow, mow, mow your lawn every other day, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily what else were you supposed to do today? With all that mowing your grass coverage is starting to get a little thin, and very hungry again. This is the time to step up your fertilizer game all the way until fall.


This is the season that you begin preparation for winter, and you rake for hours. All the wear and tear from spring and summer starts to show, the soil underneath the grass has been compacted. Time for some aeration’s. Perforating your soil allows air, water and all the nutrients further down to create deeper roots and stronger, healthier grass. One last mow before the leaves start to fall and then, raking time.


This is the season that you think you have it easy, your plants are dormant right? Wrong, your plants still need water and nutrients. They need one last deep drink and a round of fertilizer. Snow is on its way! Brrr. Now, how to maintain the access to the areas around the house Shovel or snow-blow… did I mention how cold it is? Brrr.

OR …

Watch your yard thrive, by doing nothing! We will do ALL of the above. You can sit back and relax with each season.

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