Name Your Enemy: 7 Pesky Weeds You’ve Been Battling All Season

Indiana has its ups and downs as a place for humans to live, but the plants that thrive here generally don’t have much to complain about. Unfortunately, many of the plants best suited to the region are the ones we’re not too fond of, the jerks. That makes life difficult for the ones we like.

1. Dandelion.

These flowers aren’t so bad … if you like yellow, lots and lots of it, taking over your lawn. Long taproots dig in so mowing alone never gets rid of them. Even when you pull them out, if you don’t get enough of the root they can actually sprout two where the first one was. Like some kind of alien monster.

2. Bull thistle.

Left unattended, this broadleaf weed really likes to stretch out and get comfy once it digs its roots in. Its ugly, scratchy leaves look like back to back green combs with thick teeth. They can get up to 5 feet tall and can grow reddish-violet flowers.

3. Shepherd’s purse.

This weed’s wide green leaves look like one of those inkblot tests where they put a few blobs on a page, fold it in half, and then open it. What you see is what you see (whether it’s a teddy bear, Buddha or killer clown says a lot). It’s a member of the broccoli family but good luck eating it. Look for white flowers.

4. Crabgrass.

It’s that grass that doesn’t want to behave, can’t just grow up straight like its good grass neighbors. It has to go every which-way, reaching out onto the pavement, ignoring your mower blades like they’re miles away. One of the biggest, crabbiest jerks of the lawn.

5. Sheep sorrel.

Like clover, it has three little heart-shaped leaflets. It stays low and spreads out in the shade. If you see little yellow flowers you know they’ve been growing happily for a while. Like a slap in the face. No respect.

6. Chickweed.

Tiny leaves spread across the soil in shady places whether wet or dry. Chickweed is more than happy to blanket your garden. Their thin stem system denies you that satisfying feeling of pulling up on a single, obvious root. More like pulling up nature’s carpet – dirty, nasty, threadbare carpet.

7. Prickly lettuce.

Wide, prickly leaves are easy to spot and tear away, but like dandelions, their deep taproots keep them coming back again and again. You’ll likely be battling these all season long. Their prickles can really irritate your skin, so wear gloves. Don’t give ‘em the satisfaction.
Mulch to block weed growth and weed prevention products go a long way toward limiting these unwelcome freeloaders. Only regular maintenance, however, can truly keep them under control.

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