Making Leaf Removal Easy

Fall time is full of activities like pumpkin carving and making pumpkin seeds, drinking apple cider and racking leaves. Do you remember when you were a kid and you would rake all the leaves into a giant pile and dive into them? Your friends or siblings would take turns and it was so much fun! You can make leaf removal easy and fun again.

Once we become “grown-ups” when we look out our windows at the leaves piling up we don’t see that glorious crunchy mountain, just a ton of work. We don’t want those leaves to choke out the sun and block the important nourishment our grass NEEDS in order to make it through the harsh winter. You need to get rid of those leaves, but is there any way to make it easier on ourselves?

Yes! Here’s a few options:

Option #1: If you have kids, make them do it. When you were a kid, you may have enjoyed raking all those leaves up, but as a parent you’ve probably discovered it can be challenging to get the kids to actually bag the leaves up at the end. If you want your lawn to look good after your kids rake it, prepare for a lot of sighing and eye rolling every time you tell them it needs to be done.

Option #2: Break out the artillery. If you have a bag attachment for your mower, simply mow over them! While that will help, it’s not at thorough as raking. The best machine to use is a yard vacuum, which sucks leaves and mulch up at the same time. The bad news is yard vacuums are easily twice as expensive as a push mower.

Option #3: Have the professionals handle it. Extending your lawn care maintenance plan into the fall can save time and avoid the headache you may get from your children complaining. Just think of it as an extension of the service that already cut your grass and maintains your landscaping.

If you’re already a customer, we can add leaf removal to your plan with no problem! If you haven’t used Clean Cut Lawn & Landscaping yet, let us clear your lawn this autumn!

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