Leftover Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Lawn Care: Choose Carefully

As you indulge in the last of your supply of Valentine’s Day chocolates, something magical is going to happen. As soon as that dark goodness hits your tongue, your mind will transport you into the future …

About a month into the future, that is. Just in time for spring.

Sounds nice, but are you ready for the effect on your lifestyle when the temperature rises and the sun begins to shine again? That all depends on … what kind of chocolate you choose.

Yup. Just go with us on this one.

Toblerone: the DIY Method

PRO – Just like that giant Toblerone your grandma always picked up from the Indy airport and gave you right before dinner as your mother glared murderously at her, the DIY method is free.

CON – It’s time-consuming to do your own yard work. It makes you late for dinner, just like when you tried and failed to chomp through that chocolate log before Mom snatched it away.

Mixed Chocolates: the Neighborhood Kid Method

PRO – It’s pretty cheap to pick up a box of chocolates from the drug store. So is giving a neighborhood kid $10 to mow your lawn.

CON – As Forrest Gump famously said, you never know what you’re going to get. He will tell you he’ll be back next week. Sorry to break it to you, but he won’t.

Nestle Crunch Bar: the Guy with a Truck Method

PRO – An old standby, Nestle will get the job done. So will the guy with a truck. More dependable than a box of chocolates, that’s for sure.

CONS – He might just not do all that you need him to, like mulch your beds and trim your hedges. Also, predictable as a chocolate bar this year doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll still be in business next year.

Ghirardelli Chocolate: the Multi-truck Company Method

PRO – When you want to reignite the romantic spark in your marriage (or maybe when you get yourself in trouble a little bit), this is the high-quality chocolate you get. When you want to give the gift of your time back to your spouse, this is the kind of lawn care you choose.

CON – No last-minute, one-time mows with this method. You don’t buy Ghirardelli on a whim. You’ll get the most out of both if you plan ahead for special occasions.

M&Ms: the Get Your Kid to Do It Method

PRO – They’re cheap, they make a convenient snack (melt in your mouth, not your hand), and they never go bad. A great return on your candy investment, just like “recruiting” Jimmy (do it or no video games) to mow the lawn is a convenient, easy return on your baby-making investment.

CON – Ever eat too many M&M’s? That’s what it feels like when Jimmy comes inside and says, “Um, your brand new lawn mower stopped working. I didn’t do anything!”

Valentine’s season is the perfect time to reward your hard work with a little time spent with the ones you love, a little sweet retreat from the stress of daily life, and to make a promise to those loved ones you’ll be there for the good times ahead this spring.

Enjoy life. Get the good chocolate. Call Clean Cut to make a lawn care plan for this year today.

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