John Didn’t See the Bait n’ Switch Coming

Meet John. 52 years old, kids off to college, he and his wife were ready to make the most of their new lifestyle. But John had no idea how different his expectations were going to be from reality.


“It finally happened. First my son went off the college, then my daughter left. My wife and I were officially empty nesters. The up side was I could finally turn my daughter’s room into the den I’d always wanted. The down side was I’d now lost both my in-house lawn mowing help.

“I deliberated over taking care of the yard myself from now on for about an hour. My wife and I agreed we could afford to hire someone. She had other plans, too. If I was getting my den, she was getting the landscaping redone.


“I found a company in the phone book. I was really pleased with the flat rate the young guy on the phone gave me for planting and mulching. All I had to tell him was the dimensions of the property. It was easy.

Too easy. And I was about to learn that the hard way.


“The guy who came out was older. He was nice enough but I didn’t feel like he had any idea of what I’d spoken to the other fella about on the phone. He started talking about the costs of design, maintenance and certain types of weed removal that there had been no mention of on the phone. He wrote it all down on a contract and handed me a pen to authorize the work. I was shocked to see the cost was about four times higher than I expected.

“Then his crew showed up, ready to get to work right then and there! He told me he couldn’t start the work until I signed off, tried to make me feel pretty rotten at the idea he might have to send his crew home. But of course I sent them packing. I wasn’t about to fall for a bait and switch.

“Later I spoke with a friend who’s retired from doing some landscaping work himself. He said it sounded to him like nobody with that company knows what they’re doing beyond basic lawn mowing. That’s how I learned you’ve got to call a company that really KNOWS LANDSCAPING.”


John’s story is a work of fiction, but it is inspired by true “professional” lawn care horror stories that remind us how important our core values are to customers. Nobody’s perfect, of course. All we know about why we’ve stayed in business for over 20 years is because we strive to be dependable, we know landscaping, and we listen carefully to our customers.

Our knowledge must be showing. Learn more here.

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