Home Sellers Check List for Landscaping

When you’re trying to sell your home, curb appeal is something you’re probably thinking about. Practicing haphazard yard care like weeding, trimming and mowing if you feel like it, is just not enough anymore. You need to step your landscape game up.

We’ve put together a list of top projects that are sure to make prospective buyers fall in love with your house, before they even step through your front door.

  1. Establish a lawn care maintenance schedule. Mowing, weeding and trimming need to be done regularly. Check your yard every two to three days to see how quickly your grass and weeds are growing. If there’s any significant rainfall, you’ll need to be sure to check your flower beds.
  2. Inspect plants around the foundation and doorways. If there is any overgrowth it will need to be trimmed back or completely removed. Check out other homes you admire and plant those popular flowers or shrubs. Laying down fresh mulch will help control weeds from growing out of control.
  3. Give your lawn some TLC. Fix the bare spots of your lawn with grass seed or patch. Remove all the extra crabgrass and broadleaf weeds like dandelions. If your lawn is pretty frightening, consider tilling it up and laying fresh sod. If you have a buyer who admires a good looking lawn, they won’t be able to ignore patchy, uneven, weed-infested grass.
  4. Stage your home inside and Outside.  Even if the weather isn’t the best, take care of the outside living spaces. Make sure the patios, decks or any other hardscapes are clean and appealing. You should have your seating arranged to be inviting and cozy. Also consider decorative outdoor lighting, not only for aesthetics but for security.

If you’re currently selling your home or even just contemplating it, give us a call with any questions you may have. There are always steps we can help you take RIGHT NOW that will maximize your curb appeal, even if it’s only to make your neighbors envious.

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