Get the Edge on Your Lawn

Edging and trimming are an absolute must if you want your lawn looking its best. Clean Cut Lawn & Landscaping can help you get the edge on your lawn with a few tips.

Edging and trimming are basically the same thing, just done in different places. Both are done by a string trimmer, which whips a short strip of nylon around fast enough to cut like a blade. When edging, you make vertical cuts to keep back grass from creeping out of bound. When you trim, you make horizontal cuts to tall grass or weeds in places your mower can’t get to.

So now that you know the difference here are a few tips:

  1. Do it all at once. Buy a trimmer that doubles as an edger. That way when you go around the perimeter of your yard you can just turn it 90 degrees and chop anything down that needs to be.
  2. Don’t chemically trim. It may be easy to spray some herbicides to stop weeds and unwieldy grasses, but actually it’s only killing off the weak weeds and making room for uglier and tougher weeds to spring up. Herbicides are also normally pretty bad for the environment.
  3. Don’t overcut. While trimming it’s best to start high and come down slowly. You shouldn’t cut more than a third off the top.
  4. Automatic feed system. Using a trimmer with an automatic feed system will save you time. As you use it, the nylon whip gets shorter and it can be a pain to stop and reload it, so it’s better not to have to.

If that seems like a lot, don’t worry. We can handle all of that for you, consistently, professionally and affordably.

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