Fall into Spring

One of the most important aspects of law care is understanding that what you do or don’t do will always have consequences for the next season. At Clean Cut Lawn & Landscaping we can help you prepare your land to just fall into spring.

Do you remember how your lawn looked when the snow was melting away last spring, or how long it took to appear lush and green again?  In the beginning of spring, grass is cramped, starving and so thirsty. But, of course it is, you neglected it all winter.

It’s like you forgot you should have been clearing the snow off your grass, feeding and watering it all winter long.

We’re kidding, that’s ridiculous. You can, however, fortify your lawn before the snow hits. This will make it ready to bounce back strong when spring arrives.

How to Fall into Spring:

Step 1: Aerate. Once a year you need to aerate your grass (by using the proper tools to punch holes in the turf) so that water and nutrients can reach the roots easier. If you forgot to do it in the spring, make sure it’s done before snow and ice compact the soil and discourage next spring’s growth.

Step 2: Over-seed. Fall is the perfect time for grass to grow because the soil temperature takes a lot longer to drop than the air temperature. In warm soil, extra seeds germinate well and the blades thrive in cooler air as roots take hold. Those deep roots with be beneficial after the thaw.

Step 3: Fertilize. Feeding your lawn in the fall can reap rewards in the spring. Use a nitrogen-based fertilizer. It will produce stronger root growth and extend your green color into the cool-season grass as well as encourages your grass to green-up faster in spring.

If that sounds like too much work, we are happy to help you preserve that hard work you’ve done this spring (or that we’ve done) at an affordable rate. Contact us today!

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