All Darlene Wanted was a Lawn Care Company that Shows Up

Meet Darlene. 37 years old, married with children. She had a lot on her plate when she hired a lawn care company that had a hard time following through on its commitments.


“We had just had our third child. I was running my online jewelry business from home. My husband had just gotten a promotion, which was great for us financially, but it meant he was working longer hours. Neither one of us could keep up with the yard work.

“So we hired a local lawn care company. It was spring. The grass was starting to get long and the weeds were sprouting. The guy said he would come out the next day to clean up our flower beds, mow and edge out the yard. He took a down payment by phone for the first visit and said he would bill us after that.


“The next day I was out grocery shopping with the kids. It was my first time going with all three of them so it took forever. I was sure I was gone long enough that the guy would have come by the time I got back, but when I got home the lawn still wasn’t mowed. I thought maybe he’d come in the evening. He didn’t.

“I called. No answer. I left a message. No call back. Three days later he finally showed. He didn’t apologize, just said his mower had been in the shop. An hour later he was gone. The lawn was mowed, but he clearly hadn’t done any edging or weeding.


“Again, I called, and again, no answer. The kids were screaming at me. All I could think was, ‘I don’t have time for this!’ I figured I would just talk to him when he came back. He was supposed to come back within the week. I was home most of the time and I swear he never came.

“Then a bill for the second visit – which never happened – came in the mail. I called and called until one day the number was disconnected. In case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t pay it.

“That’s how I learned how important it is to make sure I hire a DEPENDABLE lawn care company!”


Darlene’s story is a work of fiction, but it is inspired by true “professional” lawn care horror stories that remind us how important our core values are to customers. Nobody’s perfect, of course. All we know about why we’ve stayed in business for over 20 years is because we strive to be dependable, we know landscaping, and we listen carefully to our customers.

Those values must be showing. Learn more here.

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