Beautiful Landscaping 24 Hours a Day

You have been working hard on your landscaping (or hired a professional to maintain it) and your finished project is beautiful. Congratulations! The hedges are trimmed just right, the plants around your entryways are strong and growing healthy, and your flower beds are dancing in the sunlight.

But when the sun goes down, how does your home appear?

  1. The same as your neighbors. In the darkness of the night, no one can see how hard you’ve worked on your property. Even with a smidge of light shining through your windows or from your porch light does not do it any justice.
  2. Buyers don’t catch the magic. Why do the best prospects for buying your home always work late? If you’re selling your home, you want those buyers to catch the magic of your beautiful annuals you have laid perfectly along the side of your house. If they can’t see any magic, well the buyers can’t tell if that’s a house they really want.
  3. Welcoming all robbers. To thieves, darkness is inviting. With no light around your house, the darkness invites the thief’s to trample all over those flower beds as they study potential points of entry.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to solve all of these potential problems: landscape lighting.

At Clean Cut Lawn & Landscape we can help you choose from a variety of options to bring light to spaces you’re proud to show off. Strategically placing landscape lights bring that magic of your lawn, fences, walkways, gates, exterior walls during the evening. Making it just as lovely to look at night as it is during the day.

Wow your guests. If you’re selling, amaze your buyers. If you need to sleep better at night, call us for an estimate for landscape lights.

Don’t let the sun set and take the beauty of your home with it.


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