8 Beautiful, Easy Fall Plants that Will Come Back Next Year

You love to have flowers, but you kinda hate taking care of them, right? As you look over your flower
beds and take stock of what didn’t make it this summer, don’t worry. We know of some beautiful fall
plants that will fill in nicely.

It doesn’t hurt that they’ll come back next year. These suckers are hard to kill.

1. Lady Scarlet
This is one of the latest-blooming daylilies, so you get the best of both worlds: a beautiful, red fall flower
and one of the toughest around. You want easy? This is a great place to start.

2. Balloon Flower
These flowers, with typically five large, pointed-tip petals, come in lavender-blue, pale pink or white.
Their name comes from how the flowers develop, a bulging balloon that “pops” into an open, 2- to 3-
inch flower. They require very little maintenance.

3. Frances Williams
This variety of hosta features blue-green foliage in the fall that can take up a good deal of flower bed
space, spreading out up to 8 feet across. The white flowers that bloom in the spring are light and
delicate, but the plant is anything but.

4. Goldenrod
This fall bloomer usually gets pretty tall – up to 6 feet in some cases – so if you want the splash of gold
at ground level you need to look for dwarf varieties. Either way, this perennial’s golden-yellow plumes
insist on coming back year after year.

5. Leadwort
You can add a splash of blue in the midst of fall’s warmer colors with these small, five-petaled flowers.
They tend to grow around 12 inches high but can be taller. Just be careful where you plant these hardy
“colonizers”, whose underground stems spread out horizontally and could crowd out other plants.

6. Johnson’s Blue
This variety of hardy geranium tends to appear more purple than blue, with a dash of white at the
center of the flower. They bloom late in the season and put up with full or partial sun, wet or dry soil.

7. Veronica
These lovely pink pinecone-shaped flowers come in many different heights and are resistant to insects
and disease. The plant can thrive for years through drought spells and human neglect, so no worries
with this one!

8. Hardy hibiscus
For a pink alternative or a striking deep red, you can go big with these huge, saucer-shaped flowers up
to 5 inches wide. They can grow anywhere from 3 to 6 feet and can bloom all the way until the first

That ought to be a great start for getting your fall plants in the ground. As always, if you can’t find the
time or energy for planting, you know who you call to get your flower beds in great shape for the fall
season and beyond!

(It’s us, in case you were still wondering. Clean Cut Lawn and Landscape. Call us. Just making sure we’re
clear on that.)
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