5 Things You Need to Do Now to Plan Ahead for Mother’s Day

It comes around so fast, and every year you do the same thing. You scramble at the last minute to buy a couple flower bouquets for the important women in your life, scribble something on cards and breathe a sigh of relief. You got it done.

It’s nice, but maybe this is the year you really knock the socks off the moms in your family. Here’s how:

  1. Put together your grocery list for a unique breakfast in bed.

What does she love that she doesn’t get to have very often? Eggs benedict? Something sweeter, like fresh-baked banana nut muffins? Now is the time to put your recipes together so you know what to get from the grocery store in the middle of the night on Mother Day Eve.

Imagine what she’ll feel like waking up to those delicious smells wafting over her bed from the tray you’re carrying. Now that’s how you start an amazing Mother’s Day!

  1. Create a menu of special mom services.

What does she never have enough time to do? Or what would really make her day? Here are a few ideas.

  • One hour of guaranteed quiet reading time (no phones, kids, or other distractions!)
  • One half-hour backrub
  • One ticket to a musical performance by the kids (or grandkids)
  • One 1-hour bubble bath with Epsom salts

That last one brings us to #3 …

  1. Order her bathtub caddy.

Maybe she wants to light a scented candle, enjoy a glass of wine or watch a show on her iPad while she’s in the tub. That’s a whole lot easier with this. Isn’t it cool? (Shop around – definitely cheaper on sites like Amazon than the manufacturer’s website.)

  1. Mark your calendar for ½-price Sunday at Muncie Children’s Museum.

Maybe she wants to go with the kids. Maybe she wants a BREAK from the kids. Either way, Mother’s Day is a good day to visit the Children’s Museum in Muncie, where the kiddos can have a blast between 1 and 5 pm for just $3 per person. (And maybe mom stays home.)

  1. Give her hours of your extra time with the family all year long.

To really wow her, consider what it would mean to the mother of your children if you gave even half that time you were planning to spend in the yard over the next six months to her. More dates, more of the indoor chores covered, more watching the kids.

Go ahead. Add it up. How many hours does mowing, weeding, pruning, and everything else take out of your life throughout the year? Once you have the number, put on a gift certificate. Give her that.

That’s what we call a recipe for the best Mother’s Day EVER. (And we helped!)

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