5 Reasons Why Mulching is Always, Always Worth It

There is no point in having flower beds and gardens if they’re going to own you, and that’s exactly what they’ll do without mulch. Between weed competition and exposure to the air you’ll spend far more time and energy than you should if you don’t take this simple step.

Need convincing? Here are 5 reasons laying mulch (we use organic woodchip mulch, not plastic or rubber) is ALWAYS worth the effort.

  1. Mulch helps protect your plants from weeds.

Weeds love those spacious beds with plenty of rich soil, sunlight and space to grow. You think you’re creating an ideal home for your flowers and vegetables when you lay topsoil, but to flora you’re opening up an arena where plants are willing to fight to the death. Suppressing weed growth is basic protection for your plants.

  1. Without it, you are giving yourself way more work to do than necessary.

You could also think of your garden as your house. You have people-sized doors so you can get in, and walls everywhere else to keep mice and other critters out, right? Think of mulch as the walls of your garden. Without it you’ll be fighting off unwelcome guests constantly.

  1. Mulch makes water go a lot further.

Mulch reduces surface evaporation from the soil so that when you water, more moisture remains available for your plants to use. Yes, this means you won’t have to water as often. More importantly, the water you apply will be more beneficial to your plants. This is especially helpful in hot, dry months.

  1. Mulch is protection your plants can eat.

As it breaks down below the surface, organic mulch eventually turns into fertilizer. What begins as a barrier to block weeds and lock in water becomes food. It’s a beautiful thing.

  1. Mulch is natural insulation.

Here in Indiana we have to be ready to battle unexpected cold snaps during planting season (and, let’s face it, almost year-round). Thankfully, nature provides a solution. Just as the forest floor is protected by a blanket of twigs and leaves fallen from the trees, we can provide the same for our gardens and flower beds.


The most important reason we use mulch is to save time, because that’s what our motto, “a better lawn, a better life” is all about. We believe in the importance of mulch so much we invite you to use this free calculator to determine how much mulch you need, whether you get it from us or not.

Mulch by the bag is usually far more expensive than ordering in bulk from a landscaper. If you do choose to order mulch from Clean Cut, ask us about delivery and installation options.

Because mulching is always, always worth it. Always!

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