3 Ways Lawn Care is Essential Education for College Students

It’s a universal truth: everyone is in sales. Another universal truth: not everyone is good at it.

Welcome to the ideal training ground, professional lawn care services. Here are three essential lessons you learn in this business.

#1. Creativity: How to take pride in delighting the customer

It can be hard for salespeople to keep up enthusiasm for going after new clientele. Just ask Chris Hall, the UX (user experience) Design Manager at eBay.

As a young man we worked for a landscape company. He thought it was pretty dull work at first, until he decided to apply some creativity to his work. Nobody told him to. He just realized it was something he needed to do.

He found he enjoyed trying different techniques until he honed his skill to the point that people noticed and were delighted – not just satisfied – by the quality his work. He attracted many new clients this way. Chris has gone far in his career because he strives to do the same for tens of millions of eBay users today.

#2. Empathy: Understanding what property owners really want

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is assuming they know what customers want or don’t want before asking questions and listening for answers. Even Jason Brewer, the CEO of Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency Brolik, admits he struggled with this … until he began to apply lessons learned from his high school lawn mowing business.

What if he had mowed lawns once at the start of the summer and showed homeowners everything he did so that they could do it themselves for the rest of the season? Wouldn’t people love that?

Of course not! But that’s kind of what he was doing with his web development work. He was assuming his customers didn’t want to keep paying for service after they initial build; that they wanted to be able to make updates themselves.

It’s easy to assume customers don’t want something – like recurring service – and not offer it. The truth is that many property owners and managers want the peace of mind of knowing that you will cover all the bases, all year long. Jason applied this logic to Brolik, gave customers what they really needed, and he watched his business grow threefold.

#3. Character: How to take joy in a job well done

Character is hard to measure or define, but every parent wants their kids to have it. Everyone wants to be seen as someone with character. It has to do with trust, which is at the heart of our ability to convince other people they can rely on us to solve problems well.

Chemist Randy Wedin learned the joy of taking care, planning well and doing a good job when his father taught him how to mow the lawn. Left to himself he would have just dove in and gotten it done as fast as possible. His father helped him understand how much better it felt to do something well then to just cross it off the list.

This is what we strive to do every day at Clean Cut Lawn & Landscape. We want to do more than just delight customers. He want to delight ourselves with work be can be proud of. That is what character means to us.

Clean Cut is now hiring. Please take 15 minutes to fill out this simple application form to let us know you’re interested in learning more about joining our team.

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