10 Things We Hate About Winter

We know you don’t want us to remind you, but it’s almost time for winter here in Indiana. Depending on how mother nature may be feeling as you read this, the first snowfall could still be weeks away, right around the corner or already on your doorstep. You don’t have to hate everything about winter, the snow can be beautiful and fun to play in. There are 10 things we hate about winter though.

  1. Chapped lips are sore and you are constantly trying to reapplying your chap stick. They make you want to tear your own face off.
  2. Heating bills make the AC bill at the hottest point in summer seem cheap. They cost you just shy of your very soul.
  3. Commutes are double the amount of time. Why do you even own a car at this point?
  4. You can’t put your tongue on metal things outside anymore. Guess you need new Saturday plans.
  5. Pick your poison, Hat hair or frozen ears.
  6. Smell something? We think we remember a smell from a time a long, long time ago before this never-ending cold started…
  7. It’s dark when you leave in the morning and when you return. It’s like no matter where you’re going or when, it’s dark.
  8. Say goodbye (until we meet again) to your beautiful landscaping.
  9. Shoveling snow … every day, multiple times a day. This counts as working out, right?
  10. Ice dancing! Not the kind you do on purpose. The kind of dancing that normally ends badly and requires intense training (physical therapy even) to get through.

We can’t fix all of the problems that come with the winter season, but there’s at least two that we have covered. We will brave the winter cold for you (maybe sparing your lips from being chapped because of this bravery) so you don’t have to worry about the snow and ice at your home or business.

Once that fluffy white stuff starts falling from the sky, we get really busy so don’t wait to book us. Let go of the stress of snow removal and give us a call! We will give you the priority service you deserve, and save you money! That means no ice dancing for you on the way to your car!

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