10 of the Best Annual Flowers to Plant in Central Indiana

Sun is peaking through the clouds. You’re finally ditching the coat for a light jacket. Cardinals are back to nest in the trees.

Spring is finally here, and you know what the means.

New planting season, new flowers!

In our last article we pointed out the importance of planting perennial flowers appropriate for our plant hardiness zone. This is important for your annuals as well, if you want them to last through the coming hot and humid (or not), drenched-one-month-bone-dry-the-next, stormy, sunny Indiana summer!


While you want all your planting to be appropriate to our zone, we are again focusing on your flower beds. Below are 10 popular flowers that usually do well around here for one season (annuals).

  1. Begonia. Dazzling, wide, thickly-layered petals come in many solid colors or in white centers tinged with a colored border, as though they were hand-painted around the edges.
  2. Cosmos. These happy flowers catch lots of sunlight with a single layer of typically pink or purple bursting outward from a bright yellow eye.
  3. Fuchsia. Though their hanging folds of petals reminiscent of swirling ladies’ skirts appear dainty, they are actually a quite hardy flower ideal for a hanging planter.
  4. Geranium. Like a puff of cotton candy on a stick, these long-stemmed flowers make a beautiful bed or bouquet of reds, purples, pinks and salmon.
  5. Impatiens. This small flower that grows in a tight bunch, and in a variety of colors from pinks to oranges and white makes a great compliment to your larger, sparser geraniums.
  6. Marigold. Get some gold into your color mix with these spherical flowers featuring dense layers of yellow and honey-colored petals.
  7. Pansy. The right varieties will guarantee butterflies in your flower garden, or at least a dark butterfly-shaped design on wide, lily-pad like petals in a variety of colors.
  8. Primrose. You can get this simple, flat-petaled flower in so many colors you could plant nothing but primrose, if you wanted to, and still have a beautiful flower bed.
  9. Snapdragon. For something distinctly different, plant these long-stemmed pink, red, yellow or white flowers, covered in petals from top to bottom, around your more traditional flowers.
  10. Sunflower. Top it all off with these huge, tall, proud yellow delights which, if properly cared for, can grow up to 10 feet or more.


Between our last article on perennials and this one, you should now feel confident you’ll be able to plant hardy favorites that will return year after year, and new floral guests to enjoy all this season.

Got questions about planting, mulching, caring for your flowers, or anything else about landscaping? You know where to turn. We’re here to help.

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